Project managers

In the initial phase we have four project managers who coordinate with Sepsisfonden. The project managers are (in order left to right in the photo):

  • Thomas Laurell, Professor, Biomedical Engineering at Lund University. Expert in microfluidics and develops new lab-on-a-chip based diagnostics.
  • Johan Malmström, Professor in Mass Spectrometry and Expert within proteomics and works with the development of treatment-predictive markers for sepsis.
  • Oonagh Shannon, Associate Professor in Infectious Medicine who investigates molecular mechanisms within sepsis.
  • Adam Linder, senior physician and lecturer in Infectious Medicine. Adam has also been one of the initiators for creation of Sepsisfonden.


core team combat sepsis

The team

Lund University Sepsis and Bacterial Resistance Alliance (SEBRA) is an interdisciplinary research environment at Lund University. SEBRA consists of 8 research leaders from the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Engineering as well as from Skåne’s University Hospital and laboratory medicine at Region Skåne. Participants in the CombatSepsis-team from SEBRA are:

  • All four project managers (see above)
  • Niklas Nielsen, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Helsingborg Hospital, Lund University
  • Bo Nilson, Clinical Microbiology, Region Skåne, and Medical Microbiology, Lund University
  • Pontus Nordenfelt,  Department of Infection Medicine in Lund
  • Anders P Håkansson,  Experimental Infectious Medicine in Malmö
the team

Communication and administration

To support the project within communication and administration the team  includes:

Ulrika Knutsson, communications strategist and co-founder of Sepsisfonden

Anita Berglund, economy and administration, Lunds Universitet

anita berglund och ulrika knutsson

Organisational form

It is apparent that a solution to the problems associated with sepsis requires a broad interdisciplinary strategy that includes information and innovation components from all aspects of society. A central component involves the construction of new ecosystems where the healthcare sector, with an improved focus on sepsis, collaborates with pre-clinical research teams within sepsis and interacts with patient organizations and industry partners to be able to complete an innovation circle “from bed to bench and back”.

The Patient perspective

Sepsisfonden is a non-profit organisation working to increase awareness around sepsis and raise money to sepsis research. They have started a patient forum and work closely with people who has suffered from sepsis. This gives CombatSepsis a valuable insight into the patient perspective.


Industry partners

An important aspect of the CombatSepsis project is our close collaboration with industrial partners. Are your company interested in getting involved in the project?

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