Our vision:
Decrease sepsis related mortality with 50% by 2035.
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Why CombatSepsis?

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the immune system overreacts to an infection. This relatively anonymous disease is more common in the community than the four most common cancers combined and has a higher mortality rate than acute myocardial infarction, which makes sepsis a significant challenge to human health. Patients with sepsis are treated with antibiotics, consequently the increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance may have disastrous impact if not acted upon. We propose CombatSepsis: a new ecosystem of participants with an interdisciplinary approach to stimulate innovation and provide solutions to major problem areas in sepsis. Our goal is to create a well-defined and sustainable strategy to reduce the mortality in sepsis and limit the impact of increasing antibiotic resistance in society.

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A need for innovation

We are in great need for innovation when it comes to solving the issues around sepsis. New collaboration interfaces and novel ecosystems are required in order to accomplish a situation where patients have access to relevant preventative information, adequate diagnosis, and treatment options that both resolve the disease and prevent complications. To achieve this, we must mobilize expertise from key problem areas in sepsis.

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The patient perspective

It’s important that we always keep the patient perspective in mind when we aim to solve the issues around sepsis. Behind every patient is a personal story. Shahrzad Kiavash was just 28 years old when she was struck by sepsis. In just matter of hours she went from being a healthy young woman to life-threatening ill.  Hear Shahrzads gripping story (film in Swedish, text in English).

Curing sepsis

Early identification and treatment with effective antibiotics is key for survival. Every hour that passes by without adequate and appropriate antibiotics increases the mortality rate substantially.

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CombatSepsis gathers expertise from healthcare providers, Sepsisfonden, industrial partners and an interdisciplinary pre-clinical research environment. Would you or your company like to join the forces?

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